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In a world where Life Coaches are in abundance, how do you as a client find the “right” coach for you and your needs? If you are looking at my site to decide if we would be the right match, allow me to take this moment to tell you about myself. My name is Patti Wheeler and I am a Life Purpose Coach. I have had the joy of living an ostensibly ordinary life that has resulted in the most extraordinary life-shaping experiences.

have had opportunities that have presented challenges to my life that at certain points seemed insurmountable. What I discovered was a different way to look at my circumstances by viewing them through different lenses. I needed to change the way I was thinking. When we bring focus to perspective, finding the strength to overcome the insurmountable is only a matter of looking within for the answers. I have found those principles available to all of us. Life Coaching can open those doors to you.  

“When we bring focus to perspective we find the strength within to overcome the insurmountable”


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Unlock Your Passion

My life has been a pursuit of discovering the things I am passionate about and finding ways to live them out every day. It has worked for me as a wife and mother and has been invaluable for me in leadership roles as a Teacher, Worship Leader and Board President in a women’s ministry. I have been able to achieve a lot in my life, but those accomplishments are not as important as what I learned about myself. My life experiences have been a classroom in which I have discovered I can do anything I set my heart on and have the passion to pursue. That is what I want to help you achieve through coaching. 

How do I know that can work for you? A dear friend of mine, who is a Life Coach, encouraged me on numerous occasions saying, “Patti you love helping people. You have a way of listening deeply to their needs and dreams. You need to go to school and become a Life Coach. You’ve been doing it for years.”  So I stepped through that door of passion and began my training as a Professional Life Coach through British Columbia’s leading coaching school:  Erikson International. Coaching changed my life and it can change yours. I discovered my passion in life: to help others move forward and find more purpose and enjoyment in their lives. Life Coaching succeeds by helping you focus on what is important to you, what it is you want and how to get there.

How do you know if coaching is for you?

It is probably easier for me to define what coaching is not and what coaching is. Coaching is not Counseling, Therapy or Mentoring. Although Counseling and Therapy professionals are greatly needed, their approach and focus is working outward from emotional and often times traumatic experiences from the client’s past. Mentoring is often leading the client by sharing information from the mentor’s experiences. Coaching is identifying personal goals and connecting you to your passions in all aspects of your life: from starting a business to simply setting goals for personal or relational improvement. Coaching is recognizing obstacles that keep you stuck and learning how to move beyond them. You can close the door to old habits as well as discover techniques to implement new and healthier behaviors. The most exciting discovery in coaching is that the answers are already inside you! By partnering together, Coaching helps you to discover how to unlock the potential within. Life Coaching is solution focused where we center on the goals and not on the problems.

What can I offer you as a Life Coach?

My commitment to you is to help you gain clarity in the areas of your life you are passionate about; to discover the steps to help you identify and achieve your goals; to overcome obstacles that may hinder your journey to your success; and to celebrate with you as you triumph.

Now that you know a little about me I’d like to get to know you!

I am looking forward to hearing from you,


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